The Virginia Alliance for School Counseling (VASC), the newest organization to be housed under Virginia Counselors Association (VCA).  VASC is committed to uniting common causes for maximum impact, providing opportunities to further develop in your counseling field, and connecting with counselor colleagues. VASC espouses that we are counselors first who work in a variety of settings.

VASC provides a home for school counselors, as well as other counselors who work with children and adolescents across Virginia and advocates for the counseling profession as a whole.  VASC welcomes all counselors and understands it takes the collaboration of community resources to provide the best possible services to Virginia’s youth.

We were excited to officially launch VASC at the VCA Convention at the Homestead in November, 2013.

VASC’s three guiding pillars are outreach, advocacy, and professional development.  We appreciate and understand the importance of collaboration with all mental health professionals and want to be connected on a local and state level.

We recognize the significance of our lobbying efforts and know we must advocate for ourselves in order to be heard.  Lastly, we understand many counselors miss opportunities to develop professionally because of locality.  VASC is committed to providing these opportunities throughout Virginia and welcomes your input.  Thank you for your commitment to the counseling profession!

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