Q: Is the Virginia Alliance for School Counseling (VASC) separate from Virginia Counselors Association (VCA)?

A: Nope!  VASC is the newest division within VCA.  Any VCA member interested in joining VASC can do so for $5 or $10 (students/retirees and professional/regular, respectively).

Q: Is VASC the same thing as the Virginia School Counselors Association (VSCA)?

A: No, the Virginia Alliance for School Counseling is a division of VCA and is separate from VSCA.  Although both VASC and VSCA have similar goals of strengthening the school counseling profession, they are two different organizations.  Many individuals within the school counseling community are members of both VASC and VSCA.

Q: Do I have to be a school counselor to join VASC?

A: Absolutely not!  In fact, the immediate-past president of VASC is a clinical counselor – not a school counselor.  Any counselor who is a member of VCA and supports children and adolescents is welcome to join.  Many of our members are school counseling support staff, day treatment clinicians, and other mental health providers that collaborate with school systems.  All are welcome!

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