Five for Friday – 11.14.14

Five for Friday!

Five for Friday!

Hey VASC Members! It’s Five for Friday!

Jump Start your weekend with these interesting articles, educational links and resources we’ve been “pinning.” Check out these posts concerning cliques, teen girls & Instagram, Google Drive, absenteeism and hunger.  And follow ‘VASC School Counselor’ on Pinterest to get even more great resources!


1. “…McFarland’s biggest point isn’t about how we ought to organize our schools, but rather how organizations shape our behavior. Our preference for familiar people and ideas is deep-rooted, as are our anxieties about people who are different and our ambition for status within our community. But smaller schools, smaller classrooms, and forced interactions between students with different backgrounds make us different than big classes, big schools, and an unfettered freedom to pick friends by the first thing we can see about them. “There is nothing inevitable about the expression of tie-formation preferences, even when they seem to have a central developmental tendency,” the paper declares in its introduction.”

via Why Cliques Form at Some High Schools and Not Others – Atlantic Mobile.



2. “Girls have quietly repurposed the photo-sharing app into a barometer for popularity, friendship status and self-worth. Here’s how they’re using it.”

via The Secret Language of Girls on Instagram | TIME.

 Google Drive

3. Tips on using Google Drive to Benefit your Counseling Program

via The Middle School Counselor: How to use Google Drive to Benefit your Counseling Program.



4. “A recent study found that absentee rates could explain up to 25 percent of difference in math scores between low-income students and less disadvantaged ones. Getting kids to come to school seems like an obvious way to help them score better on tests and eventually graduate. But it’s often overlooked in favor of more complicated, more controversial, and more interesting interventions. Here’s why attendance is incredibly important, and why it’s a tough problem to solve.”

via A simple way to help poor kids succeed: make sure they actually go to school – Vox.


5. “But the latest Gallup poll on food insecurity in America offers a hint of hope: The percentage of Americans who say they did not have enough money to buy food for themselves or their families in the last 12 months dropped to its lowest level since 2008 – 17.2 percent, down from 18.9 percent in 2013, the poll found.The SaltMillions Struggle To Get Enough To Eat Despite Jobs Returning

‘I absolutely would describe it as a glimmer of hope,” says Elaine Waxman,vice president of research and nutrition at Feeding America, a network of U.S. food banks.'”

via A Glimmer Of Hope In The Fight Against Hunger In America : The Salt : NPR.


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