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Hey VASC Members! It’s Five for Friday! Jump Start your weekend with these interesting articles, educational links and resources we’ve been “pinning.” Check out these posts concerning graduation rates for black males, college access divide, counselors and college readiness, losing recess, and sensory and calming gadgets for your office.  Follow ‘VASC School Counselor’ on Pinterest to get even more great resources!

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“The Schott Foundation for Public Education released its biennial report about black males in U.S. public schools on Wednesday, estimating that 59 percent of black males graduated from high school on time in the 2012-2013 school year, compared to 65 percent of Latino males and 80 percent of white males.

But because those figures are estimates, even the Schott Foundation said it’s not clear how accurate they are. And while there is no dispute that black males are much less likely to graduate from high school than their white counterparts, the report does not offer a clear look at whether black males’ graduation rates are improving or backsliding.”

via Report on black males’ graduation rates shows that data are muddy – The Washington Post.


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“The high-tech economy has made a college degree an essential ticket to a good job, and unraveling the college-application process is more complicated than ever.

Yet students in poor urban and rural school districts can expect little or no college advising, an especially big problem given that many of them are low-income, racial minorities who would be the first in their families to go to college — meaning they need the most help with the application process.”

via Rich School, Poor School : NPR Ed : NPR.



“Colorado’s School Counselor Corps grant – which until this year received $5 million annually – has proven so successful that Gov. John Hickenlooper agreed to a near doubling to $8 million and to widening eligibility to every middle- and high school in the state.

“The numbers are just staggering,” said Stacey Lestina, who championed this year’s bill as a contract lobbyist for the Colorado School Counselors Association. “It’s one of the few Colorado invented, Colorado grown and Colorado supported programs in the state, and it’s been getting some attention from national groups because it’s such an effective model.”

The School Counselor Corps grant program is Colorado’s answer to a problem that many other states are also dealing with: a shortage of quality, college counseling in public schools caused by decades of budget shortfalls.”

via Counselors provide needed boost to readiness :: SI&A Cabinet Report :: The Essential Resource for Superintendents and the Cabinet.


“The problem is that most adults would try and prevent this sort of play. Everything would be questioned and controlled from the very beginning. There is often no trust when it comes to free play for children, creating a highly regulated and controlled recess atmosphere. A recess that is consistently short and very restrictive allows few opportunities for healthy sensory development – leading to potential difficulties with attention, learning, and behavior.”

via How schools ruined recess — and four things needed to fix it – The Washington Post.



“I found out that sensory issues not only affect those students who are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders, but also students who have developmental delays, attention problems and learning problems. They’ve taught me about how to intervene with those students who have difficulty self-regulating when faced with overwhelming sensory input or when feelings of anxiety, anger, nervousness, worry, etc. take over a child in in the form of acting out behaviors (tantruming, aggression, panic responses, etc.).”

via  Entirely Elementary…School Counseling: Sensory Needs and Calming Doodads.


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