Five for Friday – 4.17.15

Five for Friday

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It’s Five for Friday! Jump Start your weekend with these interesting articles, educational links and resources we’ve been “pinning.” Check out these posts concerning trauma in Philadelphia schools, defining bullying, improving student self concept, e-cigarette growth among teens and the school counselor shortage!  Follow ‘VASC School Counselor’ on Pinterest to get even more great resources!

PLUS check out our VASC Member Spotlight: Christy Norment of Harrisonburg High School!

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“The kids who came to school having witnessed violence — a relative shot, or a robbery, perhaps — often found it a bit more difficult to settle down and study, [Steven] Hymans said. Many showed symptoms of “hypervigilance,” a common symptom of post-traumatic stress disorder. “You can see the instability is difficult for them,” he said, “and stressful.”

via How Trauma Overwhelms Philly Schoolkids | News | Philadelphia Magazine.


imrs   Hazelden- Bully



“Still, as often is the case when an issue like bullying takes center stage, the term is being used more and more commonly—and not always to our benefit. When a one-off name-calling incident receives the same treatment as a systematic pattern of abuse, the meaning of the word “bullying” begins to lose its potency.”

via Defining Bullying in the Classroom.




“To counteract peer pressure, I include activities to help my students feel more comfortable with the people they are. A handful of those activities, which could be used with students at any grade level, are listed below.”

via Education World: Improve Students’ Self-Concept.




“E-cigs came on the market in 2006. And now the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the devices are now more popular among kids than conventional cigarettes.”

via E-Cigarettes Grow In Popularity Among Teen Students, Survey Says : NPR.


“According to the Association for College Admission Counseling, most schools have one counselor for every 500 students. Less well-off districts have a ratio twice that, and schools in struggling districts may not have a counselor at all.”

via Why the School Guidance Counselor Might Not Know Your Kid’s Name | TakePart.


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Amanda Craft: Graduate Student of the Month, in her own words – Virginia Alliance for School Counseling.


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