Introducing Marc Stockdon, VASC Member Spotlight

VASC is pleased to introduce to you, Marc Stockdon, a counselor in Henrico County in a non-traditional setting. He is our first VASC Member to Spotlight!


We’d love to hear a little about your journey into Counseling

I started late, after a twenty year career as a carpenter and builder.  An accident disabled my right arm and I returned to school to complete my undergraduate degree in Psychology and to earn an M. Ed. In School Counseling.  I basically just wanted to help out students who were having a hard time navigating the troubled waters of growing up and becoming educated.


Share a story of one of your most rewarding counseling experiences:

When a parent came up to me after an IEP meeting and said   “Thank you for your help.  This is the first meeting I have ever attended about my child where I did not cry.”


Besides VASC (smirk), who has been your biggest advocate since entering the field?

Honestly, the people you serve tend to be your biggest advocates and your toughest critics. 


What do you find to be one of the most challenging issues you face professionally?

Staying as up to date as possible with trends in the profession.


Outside of counseling, what activities/persons/ give you great joy?

My family, building guitars, playing music and reading.


If you could give one piece of advice to new or aspiring school counselors, what would it be?

Learn to think on your feet and do not be so wedded to a plan that you can’t improvise when it goes wrong.  It is nice to network with other counselors but when it comes down to it, you have to be your own backup.


Is there anything else you would like to share?

Take care of yourselves!



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