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Marketable skills….


As a counselor supervisor I am involved in the hiring of new counselors. It is often difficult for a

“new” counselor to identify their “marketable skills”.


One skill that is applicable to all levels of education is mediation. This highly structured, well

defined process began in response to civil court systems that were overwhelmed by the number of

smaller conflicts between parties. Currently, most courts mandate mediation in difficulty custody cases.

Data has shown that schools that employ some form of mediation as an option for students to

problem solve, show a reduction in discipline referrals. Mediation can integrated into a school in a

variety of ways such as; classroom guidance, classroom meetings, and/or developed into a school-wide

program of trained peer mediators. To learn more about this process you can contact a local mediation

center, a local school counselor who is trained in this process or you may contact VASC to request a local



Being able to tell a perspective employer that you know how to implement and maintain

mediation services in school will definitely be a plus.


Linda Grubba

Counselor Supervisor

Elementary School Counselor

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